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Frequently Asked Questions:

I Have A Voucher How Do I Use It?

For a raffle voucher please email to book in as walk ins are not always guaranteed.

For a voucher purchased online the link can be found in the email that it came from then simlply select the time date and enter the voucher number at the checkout.

How Do I Use My Membership?

When You Purchased your Membership you would have received an email with a link to use when booking your visits. Simply click the link then select the time date that you wish to book for.

Do We Offer Any Discounts?

As A New Business This is not Currently Something We Can Offer However We Do Allow A Childminder Offer : Buy One Child Ticket get one free valid Tuesday-Thursday Term Time Only!

Proof of childminder certificate must be shown and we do suggest to book online and only include the paying child.

Do I Pay For a Child under 1?

We Do Charge for Children over 6 months old. Our general rule is we charge for playing chidren and since extending our baby section we feel it is fair to charge.

Do i Have To Book?

We Do allow walk ins however the weekend and public holidays are exceptionally busy and we do not like turning people away so suggest booking especially on weekends & half terms/school holidays.

Can I Bring snacks/ pack lunch for my child? 

No We Do Not Allow ANY Outside Food/Pre Made Drink To Be Brought In/ Consumed on site.

Our Cafe caters for a wide range of dietary requirements.  We offer healthy options as well as treats for the children.  We have a menu for adults too.  Please note any food that is not purchased on site will be removed.

What Should Children Wear?

Comfortable clothes, ideally long sleeved and long legged. Socks MUST be worn at all times on the play-frames by children and adults this is due to Health and Safety Matters. Trousers are preferable for the slide.  Please remove all jewellery and items from pockets too!

Do We Have A Behaviour Policy?

Yes!  Although we totally understand children love to have fun in all sorts of ways we operate the following.  Any child who behaves in an aggressive manner or continually breaks the rules of play will be brought to their parents by a member of the team who will explain the issue.   We operate a 3-strike rule.  If a child is brought back to their parents 3 times the family will be asked to leave.  This is to ensure the safety of all children.  Any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from Perfect Playland. We are here to have fun in a safe environment for everyone.

Who supervises The Children?

Parents/guardians must supervise their children at all times.  Please inform your older children of the basic rule of play to ensure a comfortable and safe visit for all.  Please pay specific attention to ensuring older children do not play in the dedicated toddler areas.  These are clearly labelled! Adults are not permitted to leave the centre whilst their children are playing.  One adult (per family group), who is 18 years or over must be present in the centre at all times.

Is There An Age Restriction?

Perfect Playland is suitable for 0-8 year old children.  Older children are welcome to help supervise younger siblings 13-17 year olds will be charged as adults.

Why Do I Have To register/ Provide Full Details When Booking?

We take the security of your children very seriously. Full registration also enables us to sign each family in and out of the centre safely through our controlled gates.

Why Do We charge For Adults?

We charge for adults as we have strict guidelines on our capacity levels.  This allows us to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all customers. Adults are encouraged to use the facilities whilst supervising their children.

Do I Pay For a Child under 1?

We Do Charge for Children over 6 months old. Our general rule is we charge for playing chidren and since extending our baby section we feel it is fair to charge.

Party Questions:

What Birthday Cakes Can I bring In For My Booked Party?

Due to the UK Food Information Amendment we have had to implement some conditions for bringing in birthday cakes for parties. Any birthday cake, cupcakes or party celebration cakes brought in to a party, must be a shop bought cake in a box or a cake by a reputable baker/cake maker with a list of allergens attached. Protecting Customers with Allergies A supermarket cake will always have an ingredient list on the box with allergens highlighted. If your cake is made by a baker or specific cake designer, they will by law have to follow the same rules as above and provide the full allergens list and this must accompany the cake to the party. Home made cakes, unfortunately, will no longer be allowed to be brought in to birthday parties. It is your responsibility as organiser of the party to ascertain any allergies that your guests may have and take appropriate action. Please do not put our staff in the embarrassing situation of having to tell you that you cannot bring your cake in to your party.

When Must I confirm Party Details.

Can I come in early to decorate the party?

We Ask that you confirm numbers of your party and any allergens 10 days prior to ensure we can fullfill atendee numbers and necessary food required.

Unfortunately you are only able to enter 5 minutes prior your booking time as our party rooms are in constant use throughout the day and have a very limited turnaround time.

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